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About Us

Our company / organization are registered by the Government of Pakistan in the year since 1978. It has been supplying batteries of the above mentioned companies to all the government / semi government /organization schools, colleges and universities for 34 years. We have been working on this designation since 1978. We have vast experience of selling batteries.


GST No: 23-02-8507-002-82

NTN No: 0821673-8

HAROON RASHID S/O HAFIZ ABDUL RASHID an experience sale manager working in this company for many years and he is the only one prorate for the above said organization.


Naveed khan and Sardar Zahid Khan is also working in the company and experience man who is dealing at the desk for many years.


Hello And Welcome To Modern Battery (Regd.) Services! 

We sale new batteries of Pakistan and imported on reasonable prices and also for your convenience we exchange our new batteries of
AGS, EXIDE, VOLTA, OSAKA, PHOENIX and IMPORTED with your old ones.

Our services also include changing and checking of old batteries.
Moreover we supply batteries on order made by any company mentioned above throughout Pakistan.

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Term And Conditions

Use the recommended type and size of battery by the company in you r vehicle.

Charge your batteries from the recognized companies through verified instructions.

Fill in your Sulphuric Acid first (up to the recommended level) and then use distilled water or you can use rain water to keep the level.

Battery should not be damaged or burnt due to personal negligence or accidental fire.

If some mishaps happen to the battery then it should be handed over to the dealer in its original from without opening or removing the mixture.

Battery should be checked by the dealer and signed the guarantee card once in month otherwise the claim would not be entertained.

After charging the battery it should not be kept for a long time if it is necessary then it should be charged once in a month.

Due to the improper electrical system or unfit UPS if the battery is over charged and the cells are dried up or burnt the claim will not be entertained.

Clean the battery with a wet cloth.

The company is not responsible for the loss due to incorrect connection of the battery.

Do not strike with a hammer or anything else while inserting the battery terminal wires as it may cause disconnection and claims of such batteries would not be entertained either.

The terminal wires of the battery should not be loose as it may cause sparking which may result in blasting the battery.

The battery should be used for the very vehicle for which it has been purchased.

Recharging cost is not included in the price of the battery if the gets discharge then the cost of charging will be charge for charging.

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